Mice Infestation When To Call Pest Control

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It is never too late to make things right! Unfortunately, we cannot say the same thing in the case of a mice infestation, because the longer you wait the greater the problem becomes and the harder it is to tackle. In fact, the problem grows exponentially. Believe it or not, mice breed all year round and a female mouse is capable of reproducing around 10 litters in one year. You wouldn’t want them all growing up in your house, would you? So you better act fast!

Knowing, the tell-tale signs of a mouse infestation, will help you prevent any problems and save a lot of time, effort and money in dealing with a huge colony of mice. The earlier the problem is dealt with, the easier it is and less damage needs to be repaired.

So, what are the very first signs of mice infestation?

  • If you find gnawed plastic or chewed furniture around your house, be warned! Mice have the habit of gnawing because their teeth constantly grow and they need to keep them sharpened – and will do so at the cost of your precious belongings. Look for scratch like marks at the foot of your furniture, doors or things that are made out of cardboard or wood. Check your cupboard, curtains and carpets for any signs of chewing.
  • Small dirty tracks across the floor of your house, especially the kitchen floor, or at the base of the walls most likely mean that these rodents are going in and out of your house because they have found their food source. Mice have poor eyesight so they tend to memorize their tracks and rarely stray. So, if you look carefully, you should be able to point out a faint oiled track along the walls.
  • Look for rodent droppings in the corner or any possible place that can prove as a good hiding place for mice. Rodent droppings are like a news flash that shouldn’t be very hard to miss and you would probably find them clustered near some corner. It should give you a fair idea of where to start tracking these little beasts.
  • You may even find chewed up materials around your house that are the result of gnawed wood, cardboard or cloth. Mice use these waste products to line their nests and keep them cozy.
  • The Stink. Mice are creatures of habit and they will usually use the same area to look for food or same route to move around in the house and back to their home. They build their nests together that can grow up to be a large colony which will give out strong odour that is very hard to miss.
  • If in the middle of a night, you hear scratching noises, it most likely means you have a major mice infestation issue. It’s time you called a local animal control company.

If you do spot a mouse in your house during the day, it’s time got in touch with pest control professionals who can help immediately. This is so important because mice are creatures of the night (not strictly nocturnal). So, spotting them in the morning means they have made your house their home and are really comfortable staying there.

It is recommended that contact local Animal Control professionals to help with pest control. It is important to call them the moment you suspect a mice infestation in your home. Don’t let mice eat your house away. The earlier the detection, the faster the solution.


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