Rodent-Proofing Tips

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Nobody wants their home invaded by rodents or any other pests. Having your house occupied by these four-legged creatures can be an absolute nightmare.  What if you notice a mouse roaming around from one corner of the room to the other? Well this is the right time for you to look into some options to permanently remove these rodents. There are some natural and DIY fool-proof ways to get rid of these pests but for effective mice removal from your home you can always call a humane wildlife control company for complete peace of mind.

There are two sanitation methods to keep the rodents from invading your property – outdoor sanitation and indoor sanitation.


  • First make sure that the exterior walls of your home don’t have any cracks or holes. Keep any holes where utilities or cables run into the house  secure so that the rodents won’t be able to enter through small gaps. Use steel wool or copper mesh to fill in the gaps because rodents will have a hard time chewing this.
  • Thoroughly check all doors, windows and frames. Immediately replace any weather stripping without a tight seal. If there are any broken window panes,  replace them right away.
  • If you have large trees beside your home, check whether any branches touch or hang over the house.  If you locate any immediately cut the branches as they are often used by the rodents to enter your home. It is best to keep a gap of at least 6 inches between your house and any trees close by.
  • Keep your lawn trimmed. Large grasses and foliage are a safe breeding ground for the rodents. It is important to especially keep dense foliage away from the entrance of your house.
  • Check whether there is any pipe leakage or clogged drains. If there is any possibility of moisture accumulating in any part of the home, make sure to have it repaired and the area cleaned.
  • If you like to feed birds, make sure there is no trace of grain or seed on the ground. Rodents are always on the hunt for food and  if you leave the area unclean, chances are there that rodents will keep coming back and stay.

All the above points are related to outdoor techniques. These will save time and energy from a situation involving mice removal from your home.

On the other hand, there are some tricks and techniques to implement for the inside of your house.


  1. Rodents generally make their homes in cluttered places like the basement or attic. These areas make the perfect breeding ground and if you don’t want to get into a situation where these rodents take over your home, then you must keep these places organized and clean.
  2. Keep the areas under your kitchen cabinet, refrigerators and dishwashers clean. Make sure that all food is sealed as the smell of the food can attract rodents. If you have a pet, keep their food sealed in a container and the bowls clear.
  3. Make sure to keep floors clean of all leftover food particles.
  4. Keep the garage secure.
  5. There are various oils like peppermint or clove oil which are some natural ways for mice removal from the home. Dab a cotton ball in any of these oils and leave it on the area where the rodents live. You can also keep a peppermint plant in your home.
  6. Spray pepper spray, chemical, bleaching powder and other chemicals meant for mice removal.

If these tips don’t work and the situation spirals out of control it is recommended to hire an animal control company immediately before it is too late. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control offers a wide variety of services that is effective and they guarantee to save your home from rodent infestation and keep it that way. Check out more about your options here.


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