Does a Cat Really Help get rid of Mice in and Around your Home?

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Rodents, especially rats and mice, are known to be the most common and very destructive of wildlife infestations. They live in large numbers, and multiply at a very fast rate, leaving you with a whole colony of mice within your house walls, ceilings and attics.

Well, how do we get rid of mice? Are there ways to effectively getting rid of a mouse?

Since we were children, we were told that the archenemies of mice are cats. Cats were first recognized in Egypt for their abilities to hunt rodents, and were considered very  helpful by farmers. While some cats may be good hunters, most domesticated cats are too lazy for the job. Mice are very intelligent creatures, and can maneuver and climb easily on almost anything. Getting a cat may be a good idea; just make sure you pick the right one, since after domestication, most cats have neglected their hunting and “mousing” skills as they were fed and spoiled by their owners or just simply raised without developing their hunting instincts.

A cat may help with your mice problems around the house, but one can never hunt them all, unless it’s a feral cat. There are many ways in and around your home a mouse can get through where a cat may never reach them including, attics, ceilings and walls. And this is the problem with letting a cat take all the hunting responsibilities. There is a limit to places they can reach.

Spayed or neutered cats are more preferable for hunting purposes, but you must know that you should never adopt a cat just for mice problems in your house. If the infestation is serious, it is better to seek advice from pest control professionals.

There are many ways to get rid of a mouse, but none as effective as resorting to wildlife control services. DIY may be an option, but there are so many risks and infections associated with mice droppings, urine and direct contact.

Most of us are more concerned about the wellbeing of our families and pets and would rather hire professional services to rid themselves of these infestations.  Wildlife control professionals, like those at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, are trained and are equipped with knowledge and tools to take care of your infestation problems. You get a cleaner, safer house, and save yourself time and effort.



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