Rodent Control and Prevention Tips

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Rodents are the most common nuisance wildlife that infest human settlements and establishments. The most common rodent infestations are squirrels and rats. They can cause extensive property damage that may become hazardous, for instance a fire in the home and health risks. Rodents are meant for the wild and should be kept out of our houses, but how?

Rodents are intelligent creatures, and it requires discipline and effort to protect your property against them. Rats and squirrels are known for excessive gnawing and chewing. Rats also nest and the mites in those nests could spread all over your house and can cause numerous diseases. More than that, they all leave droppings, which if inhaled could cause infections and hazardous risks.

Exclusion is the best way to keep these critters out of your home. It is the process of sealing up all entry points to your home so they cannot get in. This requires an in depth check of many parts of your house, from the foundation to the roof. One small hole left uncovered is a welcome sign to the smallest but most destructive of the rodents.

Here’s what you need to do to prevent rodents from gaining access to your home:

  1. Check the roof for loose shingles, damaged flashings and holes in the soffit and fascia. These can be used as entry points by rodents. Seal the holes with epoxy, and for bigger ones, cover them with sturdy material.
  2. Clear clutter in from around your home and secure your garbage bins. Clutter in the garden can be used by rodents for nesting.
  3. Never feed your pets outside. Bird feeders should be climb-proof so squirrels don’t forage there instead. Food is the main attractant of wildlife into your home so make sure that you clean them up to avoid inviting these nasty creature inside your abode.

If your home is currently infested with these troublesome animals it is best to leave it in the hands of professionals. Rodent control can be very tricky, as you have to consider a lot of factors. You have to know where to look for them and how to properly remove them from your property. Without the proper know-how, you may be exposing yourself to safety and health hazards.

Rodent control service is best performed by wildlife technicians, such as from Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control, who know what to do and know the risks of being exposed to the pests and viruses wildlife bring. Skedaddle wildlife technicians have been around for almost three decades and have the experience and expertise to deal with infestations caused by these pesky little creatures.



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