Do you need Skunks removed from your home?

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When the phone rings at a Wildlife Control company, it’s not strange to hear a person complaining of odor problems around their home, small holes dug in the yard or pets under threat by skunks. The skunk is a black and white striped animal almost the same size as a house cat and they are well known for their spray which is very foul and can be smelled from long distances. This is a protective measure for the skunk from enemies or even a threat of an attack.  Skunks will enter your property in search of food and water and because they are omnivorous they will feed on almost anything.

When you contact a wildlife professional for help they will most likely use removal and exclusion to effectively get rid of skunks from your home.

Skunk Removal And Exclusion

Animal control professionals will trail the animal back to its hideout which could be under a shed, porch or deck. It’s easy to track their habitat due to smell, droppings and small holes dug as they search for larvae. While these pests can be chased away, this often does not guarantee that they’re not coming back. It’s better to leave the job to the animal control pros. They will  identify all the entry points in your yard and block them off. Exclusion is a more humane and a permanent method applied to skunks and other pesky animals. Trapping skunks or other intrusive animals can pose an imminent threat to the health of wildlife especially if there are young babies that still need their mother to survive. Animal control professionals will identify the animal’s entry points, remove all wildlife from the area and then block off any holes to prevent any return to the shed, porch or deck.

Exclusion works and it is by far, more effective, more humane, and more budget-friendly compared to other animal control and removal methods.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has established itself as one of the best wildlife control agencies in Canada with highly qualified manpower who are well trained and equipped to deal with skunks, raccoons, mice, bats, squirrels, birds and insects in humane ways. They have many locations to better serve you including animal control services in Oakville. They have proven themselves over the years as one of the best agencies to help deal with wildlife infestations. They are very quick to respond and efficient in the way they handle every situation. For more information visit


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