How can Animal Control professionals help you with your pest problem?

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Pest control is one of those jobs that is full of unexpected scenarios and is not as easy as one may think.  The simple truth is that this job is complex and requires employees to be able to carry out tasks thoroughly and follow well laid out guidelines when in the field. Below describes just some of the ways animal control professionals deal with pests in your homes.


  • Inspection and identification of pests


This control exercise begins with gathering all the required tools and equipment needed for a thorough job.  Animal control experts carry out a full examination of the home and yard area to identify the problem. Once identified, they take note of the entry points and extent of the damage. They may have trouble locating any wildlife right away, but will continue to search for evidence of their stay by looking for any droppings, gnawing marks, food damaged and also urine stains. It is also important to identify what is attracting the pest to the home or property. The source of attraction could be moisture, heat, food or harbourage.


  • Damage caused


Wildlife can cause both safety and health problems to people and even their pets. They spread diseases, damage structures and contaminate food. They can act as disease vectors and causes of food poisoning in industries and homes. Pests that live inside attics can do damage to electrical, insulation and drywall.


  • Entry points


Animal Control experts deal with the pest problem in your home properly and effectively every time.  They will spend time looking for all possible entry points which help them address the situation at the source i.e. how to remove them and prevent their return. They look at the vulnerability of your roof allowing wildlife in and check vents, soffits and the foundation. They will also check to make sure there are no holes around wires and pipes coming into your home.


  • Humane removal


Experts always perform a humane removal  when dealing with any wildlife infestation. Removals are customized based on the species involved, where they are living and the time of year. Hands on removals ensure that mothers with babies are kept together.


  • Prevention


To prevent the pests from finding their way back, animal control experts cover all the entry points they had earlier identified after dealing with the problem. It may involve repairing the parts of structures that were damaged and sealing holes and spaces on the roof, soffit and foundation.


  • Cleanup damage


After making sure that the home is secure and free from pests a thorough cleaning is done. They will be sure to remove and replace damaged building materials as well as remove any dangerous and odourous droppings.

Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control has many locations in Canada to better serve you! Such as their Animal Control location in Hamilton which also offers excellent service when it comes to dealing with wildlife infestations. They have excelled as one of the best local agencies for use of humane methods to deal with pests such as raccoons, skunks, bats, mice, birds and insects among others. Do not  wait until the problem gets out of hand call Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today!


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