Raccoon Prevention and Removal Methods

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Your flower bed is destroyed, the garbage cans are overturned, bird feeders are empty, and to top it all off you can’t find the culprit. Yes this sounds like the work of your typical raccoon. They can be a very annoying houseguest that you may have a tough time getting to leave.

Raccoons are intelligent animals and If you are planning to remove them from your yard, it’s important to use humane animal removal methods. The first thing is to identify where they are living and any entry points around your home. It’s likely that you will find them in attics, under decks, culverts, chimneys, and sheds.

There is no more effective way for animal removal than to contact the experts like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle has set a good example in providing humane animal removal techniques apart from having trained specialists who offer these services. They will remove these animals from your home, clear and clean the area, and also advise you on how to prevent them from coming back.

Below are some humane animal removal techniques that will help you prevent and protect your home from any further invasion of raccoons:

  • Keep your backyard clean

Employing cleanliness as a humane animal removal technique has not only helped to get rid of raccoons but also other rodents such as mice. Food in the backyards attracts coons. Cleanup all the garbage, food and shake off all the berries from trees. Since they can open garbage cans, purchase those with metal lids and a secure lock. Anything that can store water should be well covered or turned upside down to ensure that it doesn’t hold any water. Denying them food and water will make living conditions less appealing and raccoons will opt to leave.

  • Exclusion or Blocking of all entry points

Exclusion is key! Chasing the raccoons from your property is only a temporary measure. If you don’t block off all their entry points you can be sure that they will make another uninvited visit. While installing exclusion barriers yourself is good it is recommended to contact a wildlife control company to make sure that the process is done properly. Your Wildlife Technician will identify and seal all potential openings using heavy gauge and by doing so, preventing the raccoons from coming back.

  • Scare them away

This method is more for preventing the wildlife from wanting to stay on your property.  Some of the devices used are radios and ultrasonic noisemakers but, raccoons are smart animals and  soon realize that the devices are harmless. To deal with this, you may have to switch from one device to another from time to time. Raccoons are nocturnal and therefore do not like to much light, so another way is the use of floodlights which makes living in their hiding spots unbearable for the raccoon.

These preventative measures can be effective if done properly however, don’t wait until the raccoons become a real nuisance to you. Check out more tips and information here about how Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control can help you solve this problem once and for all.


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