How To Get Rid OF Bats In The Attic

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While bats are creatures that actually help us humans keep our surroundings clean by gobbling up insects that are harmful to us. We see them as creatures of the night and nocturnal animals have always been viewed as scary.  When you see bats in your house, especially in the attic, there is an eerie feeling and you definitely want to get rid of them immediately.

The first obvious thing to do is call an animal control company and find out all there is to know about bats and the best practices associated with bat removal. You may want to try to remove them yourself, or you may want to call animal control to send in a trained expert to do the job for you. The process of clearing them is not simple and it will certainly help knowing how many bats you are going to have to deal with. You may want to do your homework right and prepare yourself for the complex work ahead. Keeping in mind that killing bats is illegal, here are a few markers that will help you get rid of them in the attic properly.

Observe your opponent. According to experts, bats are vulnerable species. Your attic is safe and warm but their odour and bat droppings are very dangerous to your health.

Timing is everything. Getting rid of bats at the right time of the year is very important. Knowing their breeding cycle and period of hibernation will help you determine when to get rid of them. Avoid the task during their maternity season that is usually in the spring spanning roughly between May and August, during which you will not want to clear adult bats out and leave newborns fending for themselves. They would probably die of hunger before they are able to fly out.

Avoid the winter season completely because bats hibernate during that time, and they will not exit their roost until late spring. Depending on the region you live, an animal control expert will be able to help you find the best timeframe to get the job done right.

Be a tracker. Knowing the entry and exit points of bats will help in preventing them in coming back once you have cleared them out. Inspect all the possible areas of your house that can become entry points and observe where they leave from, during the evening. Some bats can manage to squeeze through holes that are as small as a dime! Completely sealing the point or using one-way devices are two options that you can go try.  Once you ensure the bats have flown out, it gives you the opportunity to permanently seal the entry point.

Call the professionals. When all else fails, leave the job to an expert. They have the right tools and techniques and they provide effective solutions to ensure the job is done properly and eliminate any recurrence in the future.

Bottom line, bat control can prove to be a tedious and messy  task. It is always better to have a professional take care of the situation properly to give you peace of mind. Go to for more information on the animal removal process.


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