Is DIY Rodent Control an Effective process?

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I am sure that you have heard that a rodent infestation is not easy to get rid of. It is the main reason why you should call an animal control professional when there is a problem.  They will make sure that the job is done right however some people prefer taking care of the problem themselves. This is not necessarily a bad choice but, remember DIY control methods must be done properly to avoid future infestations. More often, hiring a animal control company is by far more economical because they can help you get rid of the problem and keep it from coming back for good.

If you still want to try out some DIY rodent control methods you need to understand, before you get down and dirty, the characteristics and behaviour of the rodent you are trying to get rid of.

These following tips will help you with everything there is to know about DIY rodent elimination.

Prepare yourself

Gather as much information on the rodent that is infesting your house. There are some animal control companies you can contact to get some advice and or even a free assessment of the situation.

It is important to understand the eating habits and activities of rodents. Rodents are mostly nocturnal and are highly active at night. They have the habit of gnawing and they can chew through your furniture or cause damage to the house. They also have a high rate of reproduction, therefore elimination of these rodents must be as quick and thorough as possible.

Invest in tools

Once you have studied their behaviour and gathered everything there is to know about them – like the degree of infestation, their nesting area and activities; you can list down your requirements. You can get a wide range of traps and devices from any hardware shop but it’s important to get help from experts and choose the right device.

Baits can prove effective for rats, mice, roaches, ants etc. but they are not highly recommended for use inside the home as they contain poison and may harm children and pets, if ingested.

There are many traps that are specially designed for mice and rats but choosing the right one is essential. A mice trap would be too small for a rat while a rat trap will be too large for a mouse.

Glue boards are effective too and can be used within the house. For best results it is advisable to select multiple types of devices.

Go time

Now that you have a plan, act on it. Ensure that you invested in the right devices because after all the effort you have put in, you do not want to leave anything to chance. Remove food sources as they are a  major reason why these rodents were attracted to your house. Once the basic items have been taken cared of, install the traps.

Clean up

After a long and tedious task of eliminating rodents, ensure that you have cleaned the place after them. After all, you do not want the stink left behind and the insects that might gather around their nests and breeding areas. Clean up the corners and seal all holes which may pose a future threat.

Lastly, one of the most common ways of getting rid of rodents is to get a cat. Cats are very active creatures and rodents are known to fear even just the smell of them them the most. Cats will help to prevent mice from making their home yours.

Still have rodent problems?

If after considering all DIY rodent control methods that are available, you still have these little furry animals and they are eating your food, creating havoc and turning your life into a living nightmare, get the help of specialist. Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control in Oakville will help you protect your family and property from these uninvited visitors. They will help you select the best tools and offer the most effective solutions to your rodent problems. Visit for a complete list of DIY products and tips on how to keep your home wildlife free.

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