DIY Bat Exclusion Device

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Let’s be honest, none of us would be happy about the idea of bats living under our roof except if it was Batman, of course! Just like us, even bats find buildings more attractive than trees or caves because they not only get shelter but also security. So, if left unchecked, this small issue can get out of hand and turn into a major problem. You could find a handful of bat colonies in your attic, so with a few tips and tricks you can make your home bat proof.

Bat exclusion can be time consuming, complex and may require the help of an expert, but if you believe you can do the job yourself, then there are variety of bat exclusion devices that are available for you. Do not try to quick fix the problem by using bright lights, mothballs or noise which may prove ineffective for stubborn bats. It does not matter what type of devices you choose, as long as you understand the use and installation technique.

You can start by standing outside of your house at dusk to observe where the bats are getting in. Once you locate the area they are living in your home you can begin to seal off any holes or gaps they aren’t currently being used.  You don’t want to block off the main entry point as it is  inhumane, illegal and dangerous to trap bats inside your house. Find out all the information you can on what type of bat you are dealing  with and details like their size, behaviours and birthing seasons to perform a proper bat exclusion.

Some of the Bat exclusion device options:

  • Window screen – You have to ensure that you install the screen in such a way that it leaves a small  gap for bats to move out but not come back in. Also, keep in mind that bats may not use the exit point if they find it obstructive. So be very careful.
  • Funnels – If you have identified small holes that are being used by bats for entry and exit, then a funnel can be of help. You may create a funnel out of a bottle (cut open both the ends) or even buy it in a store. You may also find special funnels called Batcones and they are available online.
  • Bat netting – You can find good poly netting in a wildlife control supply store online that can be used to create valves and remove bats from structures. It is usually stiffer than a window screen and not easily ripped.

It is advisable to install these devices at night because bats are nocturnal and you can be sure that most are out of your home. Ensure that you have bought or made enough devices to cover every possible area. After you have installed these devices, you will have to monitor them for a few days to ensure that each and every bat has left. If you still find some of them left behind, then it’s possible that you have either missed an entry point or the device wasn’t installed properly. Unfortunately you may have to start from scratch and re-install the devices.

As you can see this is not an easy process and can be very time consuming.  We all don’t have the extra time to spend on effective bat exclusion but the good news is there are always professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control you can call. These are experts in effective and humane wildlife control and you can be confident they will get the job done properly and prevent any future infestations in your home.

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