Damage and Diseases Caused By Bats

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Bats are unique creatures that can be fun to watch in the nighttime hours, fluttering around in the sky. Bats eat insects, which makes the creature essential to the population control of such insects as mosquitos. However, bats can also use your home as a breeding ground which can lead to damage as well as disease. Bats can easily enter the home in openings as small as a dime to their contortionist features. You may never know that bats are in your home until you hear something in the attic or actually see one fly by inside!

Common Areas Bats Frequent in the Home
There are a few common areas in which bats will take up residence in the home due to the environment provided. Bats are known to hole up in attics, crawl spaces and basements when access is provided. Bats can squeeze through tiny holes to gain entry into the home and then use the space as their very own. Droppings and urine will be left behind which can damage the space as well as bring about the risk of disease.

Spreading Disease
Without wildlife control, bats would be able to spread several diseases. Bats can carry rabies but rarely bite humans, however the disease is still a risk factor. Bats also produce feces known as guano which can carry spores of Histoplasmosis. This is a disease that affects the lungs and can be especially dangerous to children as well as the elderly.

Bat Mites
Another issue that can occur when bats are in your home are bat mites. Compared to bed bugs, bat mites will infect a human, making the individual their new host. When an infestation occurs, the mites are mistaken for bed bugs and not treated effectively by exterminators. It is important to inspect the entire home and search for the presence of bats in case your ‘bed bug’ issue is actually bat mites so the proper treatment can be provided.

Structural Damage to the Home
Bats do not chew on the exterior of the home to be able to gain entry, so that’s one area of damage you do not have to worry about. However, bats do leave guano behind as well as urine. This can accumulate over time and the result is such waste will be dripping through the ceiling destroying the insulation of the home as well as soaking into sheet rock. The structure of the home can be majorly damaged and repair service needed which can be quite costly.

Bat Removal
If you have found bats in your home, it is time to contact wildlife control. Such experts in bat removal will be able to help you remove the pests and recommend what action needs to be taken as far as cleanup is concerned. The experts have experience in removal of such animals, ensuring the area in which bats are coming in to the home is repaired for no further invasions.

When you come across a bat or other pest issue, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control  today. This wildlife control company can provide assistance to remove such creatures and restore your home back to normal.

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