Help raccoons are digging up my Lawn!

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There are many critters that can be damaging to your landscaping. Animals like to dig holes, create homes and generally make a mess in neighborhoods. If you are a homeowner who is experiencing issues with raccoon damage, it is important to learn how to remove such animals from your life. Below are a few tips on how to avoid raccoon damage to your landscaping as well as home.

Landscaping Damage
Raccoons are diggers and scavengers. The creatures like to get into everything and home owners are never happy with the results. No one wants to see their yard dug up, especially a garden space. Raccoons love to eat and will easily dig up garden veggies just to have a meal. It is important to learn how to make raccoons go away so you can enjoy your home without damage.

Light Up the Space
If you have raccoons making nightly visits, consider lighting up the space. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures who come out at night to eat their meals. To keep raccoons from getting into your garbage or in your garden, add a motion light. Motion lights are very affordable and can be added anywhere around the home. When motion is detected, the light will come on. The light will scare the raccoon and make the animal go away. This is a great way to avoid having this type of creature in your yard space.

Garbage Control
Garbage is a big prize for raccoons. The garbage cans of a home are easy pickings, especially if they are easily accessible. It is important for home owners to keep the garbage area cleaned up. Lids should close well so that raccoons cannot dump the garbage out. Raccoons can easily overturn a can and get into the garbage. If you find that raccoons are getting into your garbage try moving the cans to a new location or getting better receptacles that will close tightly.

Make Noise
Racoons also do not like noise, so making any loud sound in the area they are frequenting can work to get the animal to stay away. Consider placing a radio tuned to talk shows in the garden area for a few nights to see if the raccoons stay away. Try this for some time and if you are successful, remove the radio. Hopefully the raccoons will stay away. If not, try the method again for a longer period of time.

If raccoons are affecting a particular area of your home, consider adding fencing. A mesh fencing that is installed down deep and high will keep the creatures out of your yard. Raccoons cannot climb well but can dig. You want to make sure you have a fence installed that is high and deep enough to keep the raccoons at bay.

Professional Removal Service.
Raccoon removal Toronto services will ensure that the raccoons are removed from your property and never come back. A service company will be able to inspect your home and find the areas in which the raccoons are accessing your yard. A plan of action will be made to remove the animals and make sure they do not return. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for assistance in removing raccoons from your property.

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