Humane Ways To Get Rid Of Squirrels From Your Home

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Squirrels may seem cute and cuddly but can easily become a nuisance if they gain entry into the home. Squirrels are a common animal that likes to make attics or crawlspaces a home, creating a nest and starting a family. But you do not want such creatures living in your home causing destruction to insulation or other areas of the home. How do you remove such creatures without harming them? Below are a few ideas for wildlife control Ottawa to get you started removing squirrels from the home in a safe and humane way.

Evaluate the Infestation
To get started, you will need to evaluate the infestation. You need to be able to determine if you actually have squirrels in the home. Have you heard little feet running through the attic space? If so, take a high powered flashlight and check out the area. If you see a nest or actual squirrels, then you have problem. You will need to find ways to remove the squirrels and relocate them to another area far away from your home. If babies are present, you will have a harder time with removal and may want to seek assistance from the experts.

Light and Sound
One way in which squirrels can be removed from the home is with light and sound. Once you know their location, place a lamp with an LED bulb for safety to light up the area. Add a radio and turn it on to produce sound in the space. Squirrels want to sleep soundly so the light and sound will become annoying which will lead to the animal moving out of the space.

Trapping Methods
A trap can also work to remove the squirrel without harming the animal. Purchase a one way door trap and lead the squirrel to the harmless invention. Once the squirrel is inside it will not be able to get back out again. You can then take the trap and relocate the squirrel away from your home. It is recommended that you travel at least three miles from your property to ensure the squirrel does not come back.

Predator Urine
Another option that will remove squirrels from the home is predator urine. Purchase fox urine from an online retailer or from a farm supply store to scare the squirrel into leaving. The squirrel will smell the urine, which should be placed near the nest, and will think danger is present. The squirrel will move away to avoid any danger.

Professional Assistance
If you find that your squirrel problem is too much for you to handle, consider hiring the wildlife control experts in Ottawa. Wildlife experts will be able to assess your infestation and work quickly to have the squirrels removed from the home. Once removed, the technician will be able to help you learn what to do to avoid this from happening again. In most cases, any points of entry will need to be blocked with a wire mesh to keep any squirrels from gaining access to the home once again.

If you are in need of squirrel removal services, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Their quality wildlife removal services will have your home cleared in no time, providing humane removal services with ease.


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