Pest Control Tips: How To Rodent-Proof Your Home

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Rodents are a common occurrence in the home and one that most homeowners dread. No one wants to see a mouse or rat running through the kitchen. While you may keep your home spotless, such rodents can still enter the home and become a nuisance. Learn how to rodent-proof your home so that you do not have to deal with unwanted guests.

Clean, Clean, Clean
It is very important to keep your home clean. Sweep and mop the floors regularly to ensure no food particles are left. Wash dishes and avoid leaving out food overnight. Rodents such as mice love to nibble on leftovers and food smells can easily entice them from the outside to come inside your home once you go to sleep. Clean out any food from the kitchen sink and be sure to take out the trash regularly so mice are not tempted to get inside your trash can and rummage round.

Put Away Foods
Because mice like to eat, it is essential that you put away old food. If you are prone to leaving out open containers of food or perhaps crumbs from a snack on the counter, the mice will certainly be attracted to these food items. You can easily have an infestation on your hands when you leave food out. Have children put any candy away or snacks they may take to their bedrooms or the mice will start there and then work their way into the kitchen. If you do find that mice have taken up residence in your home, you will need to take advantage of rodent control services to take care of the issue correctly.

Seal Any Gaps or Holes in the Home
Besides food, rodents can enter the home via holes or gaps in windows and door frames. Anywhere that your home is not sealed tightly is an open invitation to rodents and pests. To avoid such issues in the future, keep your home in check. Complete regular inspections to ensure that any areas are secure. Check doors and window frames. Inspect the foundation of your home for cracks or openings. Have any areas that need repair fixed to ensure that rodents are not able to get inside your home.

Schedule Servicing
When you do have rodents in your home, waste no time in contacting rodent control services. Have an expert come to your home for an inspection. The site will be evaluated and a solution determined. Once a plan is in place, the inspector will catch the rodents in your home and suggest steps to ensure the pests do not enter your home once again.

If you need assistance with rodent control services, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. Skedaddle are experts in this industry and are ready to help you remove any unwanted pests in a safe and humane manner. Your home will be well cared for as they evaluate the issue and come up with a timely solution to rid your home of pests. Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today to learn more about the many service options provided.


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