Rodents And Hantavirus: How To Keep Your Family Safe

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Rodents are a certain category of pests that can infiltrate the home. Mice are a common rodent species that will enter the home and become an unwanted guest. Mice harbor diseases and can make your family unwell due to simply being in the home. Such diseases as hantavirus can affect those in the home, leading to serious health conditions.

What is Hantavirus?
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome is a lung disease that is very serious and just discovered in 1993, though it most likely has been around for a longer period of time. While the disease is rare, it is something to consider if you find mice in your home. Rodents, especially deer mice, carry the virus. The virus is left behind in feces, saliva or urine as the rodent moves around your home.

Infection of the virus can take place when you breathe in dust that has been infected, being bitten by a mouse that is infected or by touching any skin that is broken open with a material or area that is infected. The disease does not spread person to person. Symptoms of the virus include fever, chills and pain in muscles. It can become harder to breathe as the disease progresses. If an individual feels they have been exposed to the virus, treatment should be scheduled with a physician.

How to Protect the Home from Hantavirus and Other Diseases
To avoid the hantavirus in the home or other diseases, homeowners need to be proactive. You want to create a safe home where mice are not enticed to come in. Make sure rooms are clean and food is put away. Wipe down counters after meals and sweep up any particles of food. Ensure children clean up after snacks or do not leave food items in their room.

Any packaged food should be closed and not open, offering an invitation to mice. Mice are drawn to food so ensuring foods are cleaned up and put away will be a great deterrent. Another issue that will allow mice into the home is holes or cracks in the foundation or walls. Have the perimeter of the exterior of your home inspected as well as the walls and baseboards in the interior. Check for holes or cracks, areas that mice can easily use to enter the home. Even doors and windows can have small openings that will allow for mice to enter. Have these areas sealed or closed up to make it hard for mice to enter the home.

Work with the Experts
When you find that you do have a rodent issue, you will need to access rodent control services in Toronto. You want to have your home inspected to remove any rodents and ensure the space is sealed so rodents will not have a point of entry. Experts in rodent care will be able to provide such services, ensuring your home is free of pests and the unwanted diseases they bring along with them.

Contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control when you are in need of rodent control services. Don’t let mice overrun your home. Have the problem assessed by the experts and a solution provided for a safe and clean home.

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