What is Integrated Pest Management?

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Pests are a common occurrence in the home. Almost every home owner has experienced a pest of some kind in the home, be it a squirrel, bird, raccoon or other animal or insect. Most home owners are not experienced or equipped to handle pest infestations and this work is better left to the experts. Because infestations and pest issues can vary, it is important to work with a company who has experience with Integrated Pests Management and humane wildlife control.

IPM is a solution that calculates and customizes strategies for your specific pest control needs. When it comes to pests in the home, every situation is different. A one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work. If you are in need of pest removal services, you want to work with a company who covers IPM solutions.

Customized to Your Service Need
With IPM services, you will have access to options that are customized to your given situation. Pests are different as well as how they enter the home, where they have created a nest, etc. You want to have access to integrated pest management services to ensure your problem is taken care of correctly instead of just some basic service option provided.

Understanding the IPM Approach
The approach of IPM is completed in three basic steps. These steps were created to make the process work with ease.

Step 1: The Inspection of the Area
With this step, the area is inspected to determine what types of pests are involved, how they are entering the property, etc. The technician carefully goes over your home to gain the information needed to move forward.

Step 2: Identification of any existing pest problems
Once the inspection is completed, the technician will be able to identify the pest problems at hand. Each pest will be cataloged and a plan of action put in place to be able to remove the critters from your home.

Step 3: Removal and Exclusion
The last step will involve the actual removal of the pest along with exclusion. Various methods are used based on your given situation to remove the critters and put your home back in proper working order. Once the animal is removed, the technician will then work on exclusion. This means that a plan will be put in place to ensure the same type of infestation will not happen again. This can include blocking entry ways and filling gaps in seams of walls, foundation, windows and doorways.

Identify and Avoid
Once the problem areas have been located, a wildlife technician will be able to help you implement IPM techniques as well as practices to resolve such issues. specific actions that are used in IPM services include:

Limited use or eliminating the use of chemicals
Structural repair and maintenance
Modifying behavior to prevent problems with rodents or insects (including garbage removal technicians, cleaning, etc.)

Professional assistance with humane wildlife control is always needed when pests enter the home. Consider working with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control whenever you have an animal or insect issue. The company uses quality IPM techniques to ensure your situation is handled with a customized plan. Contact Skedaddle today to learn more about service options and schedule an appointment for inspection.


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