Is Your Bird Feeder Attracting Unwanted ‘Pest’ Birds?

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bird-controlBird feeders are commonly used in the outdoor areas of the home so that home owners can enjoy watching unique birds up close and personal. However, because a bird feeder is offering up free food, the feeder is going to attract unwanted guests, those annoying ‘pest’ birds. In many people’s eyes, an annoying bird is one such as a pigeon or starling. Even crows and hawks can be enticed by a large bird feeder, driving off the birds you wish to watch dine. Remove the unwanted birds from your area by following these simple bird control tips below.

Watch Your Feeders

To begin, you want to enjoy watching your feeders. Try to determine which pest birds are attracted to your area to know what birds you will need to try to keep away. It could be that Grackles or even Woodpeckers are drawn to your area and are taking over your bird feeders from other birdies. Take notes to see who visits your feeders. You may even find that mice or even raccoons are nibbling on the bird food, pests which must be dealt with. You want to be able to watch your birds in action but also avoid any unwanted guests from being near your home for an extended period of time.

Getting Rid of Critters and Unwanted Birds

Now you are ready to get rid of the unwanted guests. To get started, make sure bird seed stays off the ground. Mice and raccoons will be drawn to this easy food source. The fallen bird seed will then lead them to the feeders which means bye-bye bird food!

Consider what food types you are offering. Certain birds like certain types of bird food. If you find that particular creatures are visiting your bird feeder, you may want to consider changing up what you are offering. Try different foods to see what the creatures will avoid to ensure your bird feeder is not taken over by unwanted guests. You can also change the type of feeder you use to be able to thwart pests.

If you cannot seem to get rid of intruders, consider moving the feeders to a new location. Moving the feeder will keep pests away for some time, hopefully for the remainder of the time that you enjoy watching the birds dine. You can also stop offering food for a week to see if the critters go away and move on elsewhere. Resume feeding and watch to see if the critters come back.

Top Tips

The best way to avoid any unwanted creatures or birds from messing with your feeders is to keep the area clean. Use a feeder that can only be accessed by small birds to deter larger creatures and larger birds such as crows and hawks. You can also keep the area clean underneath the feeder to deter any mice or rats from eating the seed.

Work with Professionals

If you find that critters just will not leave your property, consider contacting the wildlife professionals. A team of wildlife technicians can evaluate your property and come up with a quality solution for bird control and to remove any unwanted guests from your home. Work with Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to have access to the best removal services available.


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