Is It a Rat or Mouse Problem

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So you have seen a creature running throughout your home. Was it a mouse or a rat? Many times it can be hard to tell. Either way, the rodents will need to be removed and the problem addressed so that such creatures can no longer enter your personal space. Both rats and mice carry diseases and can damage the home. Protect your family as well as your property by having such creatures removed.


Visual Differences
Mice and rats are similar and come from the rodent family. However, visually they do have differences. Of course, most homeowners scream and look away when such creatures are found in the home, but it is important to see what you are dealing with. A mouse will be small in size and have a skinny tail and pointy type ears. A rat will be larger in size and have a longer, thicker tail. The best way to tell the difference of each is to look at the tail and the overall size of the creature. Mice can be as small as a golf ball while rats can be as big as your hand if not bigger!

Tendencies of Both Creatures
Mice are curious creatures who like to investigate. Mice can be easy to catch as they will inspect traps or cages due to the food inside. Mice will run around the home, seemingly not afraid of the humans inside. Rats on the other hand will stay hidden and do everything they can to be undetected. Rats will take the same path to get to places in the home but will not approach something new, like a trap, until they feel comfortable. This is why rats can be so hard to catch when in the home.

If you are considering hiring services for mice removal from home, you will need to investigate a bit, trying to determine what you are dealing with. Watch for signs of droppings in the home. Have you physically seen the creature running about? In regards to rats, you can look for paths along the baseboards and walls of your home. Do the baseboards seem dirtier than normal? Rats will stick close to baseboards and grease from their bodies will be left behind. This is a sure sign you have rats in the home. Check dark areas such as boxes in the basement or attic space for nests. If you find burrows or paper and cloth that was not in the area before or perhaps shredded, then you have found a nest.

Now that you know what you are dealing with, the removal process can begin. While you can set traps yourself, there are ways to have the rats and mice removed in a humane and quick way. Contact a company such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control for expert assistance. Wildlife technicians will be able to assess your situation and provide a solid solution for rat removal. The technicians work quickly to remove the pests from your home. Suggestions for cleaning as well as repairs will be made to ensure you do not have a similar pest problem once again.


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