Debunking Myths about Bats: Why Removing them from your Home is Crucial

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The word bat instantly brings fear into the hearts of individuals around the world. Bats have long been associated with vampires and a creature that most people would rather not deal with. This is why bat removal services are so popular in areas where bat populations are quite large. Bats can commonly get inside the home and damage attic and crawl spaces. Bat behavior is unique to the creature and most people have no idea how bats really act. There are so many myths about the creature that it can be hard to determine fact from fiction. By debunking myths about bats, you can clearly see why removing them from your home is essential.

All Bats Have Rabies
This is the first myth that must be debunked. Many people think that all bats have rabies. This is not true. Bats can carry rabies but the chance that you will be bitten by a bat with rabies is rare. However, bats do bite. If you see a bat in your home or feel you might have an issue, be sure to have an expert check your attic spaces. You want to eliminate the risk of being bitten by a bat whether the creature is infected with rabies or not.

Bats Attack People
Yet another myth. Bats are not prone to attacking people. However, the creature can be aggressive, especially if they consider you a threat. If you have bats in your home, they must be removed as quickly as possible to reduce the likelihood of them entering the living space of your home and coming into contact with you.

Vampire Bats Suck People Blood
This is a myth that must be dispelled. While vampire bats do exist, they do not suck blood from humans. Vampire bats will feed on animal blood and will drink quickly, only a spoonful or two. These bats do not suck blood or turn animals into vampires.

These are just a few of the myths associated with the bat species. It is important for homeowners to recognize these myths as untruths but to also realize that bats can be harmful to the home as well as the humans inside. When bats take up residency in the home, feces can accumulate. Bat feces contains histoplasmosis. This disease is infectious to humans through the inhalation of spores.

The feces actually contains histoplasmosis capsulation fungus which turns into histoplasmosis. The disease can affect the lungs and show symptoms similar to the flu. The disease can run its course but can also be harmful to young children as well as individuals with a low immune system.

To learn more about how bats can affect the home or to schedule an assessment, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The wildlife removal company will be able to assist you with any pest control need including bats in the home. Skedaddle provides quality bat removal services to ensure your home as well as family are not affected by a bat infestation.


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