What are the biggest bird pests in Canada?

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Across the world, there are creatures that become somewhat of a pest to a community or home. In Canada, there are three bird types that are common pests to the home that can wreak havoc on the homeowner. Such bird types include sparrows, starlings and pigeons. Each bird type affects the home in a different way and it is important for homeowners to learn how the pests can be harmful. With effective pest control and wildlife removal services, you can effectively see such birds removed from the home so you will no longer be bothered by noise, droppings or other issues.

Sparrows, also known as house sparrows, are an abundant songbird located in Canada that is known for its nest-building ability. While nests can be quite large, they can also be quite messy. Sparrow nests are usually built in spaces of the home that can be subject to fire such as a chimney pipe or vent. The nests of such birds can be placed in soffits and roofs as well causing issues with the home.

Another common bird pest of Canada is the Starling. Starlings eat seeds and fruits so they commonly gather around feedlots and livestock areas. The bird species can gather in great numbers and be particularly annoying with their call. In the winter months, flocks of as many as 2,000 birds can move into an area and essentially take over. The birds are also known to transfer diseases to animals such as livestock including pigs.

Considered an urban bird, pigeons are commonly found near parks, schools and homes among other structures. Such birds can be pesky as they do not seem afraid of humans and will infiltrate a yard and hang out around a home, which can become quite annoying for the home owner.

Solving Your Bird Problem
There are many ways that a bird problem can be solved with pest control services. Prevention options are offered to ensure that birds do not become a problem as well as options for bird control if a problem exists. With prevention, there are several steps that can be taken. Roosting niches can be removed and crevices sealed to ensure birds have nowhere to place a nest.

Water sources should be screened to avoid roosting in such areas as rooftop AC units. Food and water sources should not be left exposed outdoors and garbage cans should be closed at all times.

For control options, there are several. Use netting methods to reduce bird roosting as well as nesting and feeding. Sound devices can be installed such as whistling and propane cannons to make sounds to keep birds away from your home. Visual scare devices can also be used such as streamers and flash tape.

To learn more about wildlife control services in Canada, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The pest control service company can offer assistance with bird removal as well as other pest services. Schedule an appointment today to have your property evaluated to see what service option will work best for your pest issues.


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