How to properly remove birds from an exhaust vent

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Birds usually nest in trees or bushes and it can be neat to see the creation of such nests, including the baby birds that hatch from mother’s eggs. However, it is not good for birds to build nests in unsafe areas near your home such as an exhaust vent. Learn how to remove a nest from an exhaust vent to ensure proper bird removal and a safe environment for your family as well as the birds.

Discovering the Nest

You may have been hearing noises for a while in a particular area of your home, from rustling to chirping. This can mean you have a bird nest built in your home. You will need to investigate to find out the area in which the nest is located. If you have an exhaust vent connected to your home, this is most likely the prime area where the nest is located. Birds like to use vents for nesting as they are easy to access and apparently quite comfortable.

Beginning the Removal

To start the bird removal process, you will need to visually see the nest inside the vent. The nesting material will need to be carefully removed, especially if babies are present. You may need assistance such as a long pole to be able to remove the nest, especially if the nest was constructed further down the vent.

If babies are present, gently remove the babies and put them inside a container with nesting material. A top will need to be placed over the container with a hole created based on the same size as the opening of the vent. Once the nest and babies have been removed, you will be ready to install a new vent cover.

When a new vent cover has been put in place, include a screen on top. This will prevent any birds from using the venting as a nesting area in the future. Take time to secure the container with the babies inside near the vent. This way, the parents will find the babies and be able to raise them until they are ready to fly on their own.

If you are not comfortable completing the nest removal process yourself, seek wildlife expert assistance. Experts in bird removal will be able to assess your situation and come up with a solid plan on how to remove the nest and safe any baby birds in the process. If a nest is stuck further down the venting, you may not be able to remove the nesting material if you have never done so before. Experts in bird removal have vast experience in removing nests and will have no problem cleaning your exhaust vent.

To learn more about bird removal, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The wildlife experts are ready to assist you with bird issues as well as other common household pets. Contact the company today to learn about various services or to schedule an appointment for assistance. Do not let the birds take over as they can cause major issues. Be sure to contact Skedaddle now so you can avoid future problems.


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