Mouse Droppings vs Rat Droppings: What’s the Difference?

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Finding droppings in the home is never fun. You know when you see feces in the home that there is some type of critter running loose. But is it a mouse or a rat? Either is not good to have in the home but it is important to determine which creature is inhabiting your home so you can take the appropriate measures for removal. Learn the difference between mouse droppings and rat droppings below as well as other signs to look for to know what type of infestation you may be facing.

Mouse Droppings

One of the most common forms of feces found in the home from pests is mouse droppings. Mice leave their feces behind when they are on the move and you will find such droppings in areas like garages, kitchens and the basement. The feces will be dark in color, black in most cases, and scatter about. The feces is small and comes in a pellet form in an oblong shape.

Rat Droppings

Taking a look at rat droppings, you will see something different. When a rat leaves behind feces, it will be thicker and many times shorter than mouse feces. Rat droppings may appear bigger and in larger clumps.

Behavior of the Pest

It is also good to learn the behavior of mice and rats to tell the difference in your infestation. You have already noticed poop so now you can be on the lookout for behavior. Rats will be cautious while mice are curious. If you have seen a creature running about your home, it is most likely a mouse. Rats will stay hidden until the coast is clear.


Mice and rats both like food. No matter what type of infestation you have, either creature is going to get into the food you have in the kitchen or items you may leave out. Rats like to eat grains and meats and are known to burrow near vegetation and buildings. With mice, they tend to create a hidden home near the food. Mice normally stay near the garbage cans and kitchen area. Mice will commonly enter cupboard areas and gnaw on foods in the cabinets. Each creature will normally come out at night to avoid bright lights in a room or the sunshine.

Getting Rid of Mice

Once you know that you have a mice problem, you will need to contact wildlife control. Wildlife control experts will be able to evaluate your issue and make the appropriate plans to remove the creatures. Humane measures will be taken to have the mice removed from your home so you will once again be creature free.

Once removed, suggestions will be made for cleanup and sanitation. Mice can leave behind health concerns and insulation or wiring may need to be repaired, among other issues. The wildlife technician will help you with this as well as secure the home to prevent re-entry in the future. All entry points will be sealed to ensure that such creatures cannot enter the home. Deodorization techniques are used and will mask any hormonal scents that might attract mice back to your property.

Have mice removed from your home by contacting Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control or simply contact the company to learn more about pest infestations and what you can do to avoid such issues in your home.


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