10 Things I Wish My Realtor Would Have Told Me

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Purchasing a new home can be a lengthy process. New home owners seek to find the best home for their needs. Potential home owners will have a long list of must-haves from several bathrooms to a play area for the kiddos. But what most home owners neglect to ask their realtor are questions about native wildlife. Many homes are subject to wildlife issues that can affect the home in the future as well as the health and well-being of those inside the home. Below are 10 things that home owners may regret not asking their realtor when buying a new home.

Nearby Creatures

Many home owners find that the area of their home is also home to many creatures. It is recommended that you ask the realtor if any animals are known to frequent the area, especially squirrels, raccoons, bats and skunks.

Past Creature Problems

Ask the realtor if the home owner has experienced any creature problems in the past. Perhaps an infestation took place months or years ago. You need to know of such problems to ensure it will not happen again. Find out if wildlife control was brought in to help with such matters.

Rooftop Entry Points

Ask the realtor about rooftop entry points. Vents, soffits and other areas of the roofing need to be in good condition. Grating needs to be in place to ensure that creatures such as raccoons or squirrels cannot gain entry into the attic space with ease. Pest control companies will be able to check for entry points if needed.

Basement Openings

Basements are another worry. Animals can enter a basement if there are cracks in the foundation or openings that are easily accessed. Find out if any such entry points are located in the potential home and possibly have the home owner fix them before entering a contract.

Wiring Issues

Mice and other creatures like to chew wiring. Have there been any issues with wiring in the past? Find out if the current home owners have had any electricity issues or have actually replaced wiring due to mice troubles.

Damage from the Past

It is also wise to find out if any damage has occurred in the past, no matter what it might be. You want to know about any animal issues so you can take the appropriate measures to ensure it does not happen again. Ask for a full history of such issues to be made aware.

Cleanup Needed

If a problem occurred in the past, cleanup should have taken place. Any feces or nesting should have been removed with deodorizing also taking place in the home. Find out if cleanup is needed and have it taken care of within your home buyer contract.

Insulation issues

Insulation is a must have in the home attic space. Insulation helps keep the home comfortable. However, insulation can be an inviting option for creatures to snuggle up and call home. If insulation has been damaged or torn up, it must be replaced. Be sure to ask about the integrity of the insulation in a potential home.

Signs of a Current Infestation

Have your realtor check for signs of a current infestation. You never want to move into a home that might already be occupied by creatures. A wildlife control company can be brought in to check for any current infestations.

How to Contact Assistance

Ask the realtor is a wildlife control specialist is located in the area. Check to see if there is a company you can contact to ask for help if you find your new home is subject to pest issues.


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