Sounds in Walls and Attic: What Kind of Wildlife do I have in there?

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Every homeowner is accustomed to noise in the home. We learn the creaks and pops, sounds that start out as annoyances and become the norm. Because we become used to the noises we hear in the home, it is easy to discern when a noise is not normal. When you begin to hear sounds in the walls and attic of the home, it can be a sign that you have creatures that have taken up residency. Learn what types of wildlife can enter these areas of your home and what to do if the creatures begin to take over!


One of the most common animals to move into the walls and attic space of the home are squirrels. Squirrels can enter the home through areas along the roof line and make a nest in the attic space. They will begin to explore the home in the walls, which can make a scurrying sound in the home. During spring and summer squirrels can have babies in your home which will lead to increased damage if you are not careful. The creature can also start to chew on electrical work, mess up insulation and wood work of the attic space. Animal control is needed to remove such creatures from the home and keep your home from damage.


A larger creature that is known to enter the attic of a home is a raccoon. Raccoons may seem too big to be able to gain entry into small cramped spaces but they can. Roof vents are a common way that raccoons enter the home and begin to create a nest in your attic space. Your attic will be subject to feces and urine which can cause damage as well as damage to insulation in the space. Raccoons also carry disease which can cause health problems in the home. If you feel raccoons have entered your attic, be sure to contact Wildlife Control to have the pests removed. Experts are needed to remove the creatures safely and to come up with a solid plan to restore the affected areas of your home.


Most home owners do not even think of bats entering the home until they see the creatures flying around outside or actually in the home. Bats are unique creatures that can contort their body and enter the home in the smallest of spaces. You may have no idea that bats are living in your home until you begin to smell feces or see one flying around. Once bats have taken up residency in the attic, you will need to have the creatures removed and the space cleaned and sanitized. With bats, you are at risk for disease from the creature as well as their feces.

Experts in wildlife removal can assist you with removing such creatures as listed above from your home. The experts know just what to do to remove the creature safely as well as restore your home, leaving it free from disease or other issues. When your home becomes subject to creatures living in the attic or wall space, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The experts in animal control can assist you with removal of a number of creature types from the home.


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