How to Dispose of Dead Raccoons from Your Attic

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It is not uncommon for home owners to find creatures living in the home. From mice to bats and even raccoons, wildlife tends to seek shelter in the unoccupied spaces of the home including the attic and crawlspace. Many times, these creatures will be sick or become hurt and end up dying inside your home. You may have no idea that you have a dead raccoon on your hands until you begin to smell something not so pleasant. When you find that a raccoon had passed away in your attic space, you will need to dispose of the creature, but how? Below is a short guide on what to do when you find a dead raccoon in your home.

Removing the Carcass

To get started, you will need to remove the carcass of the animal. This will require gloves, a mask and some form of removal. It may be easiest to use a thick garbage bag and pick up the carcass and place it inside. Once the animal has been removed from the attic, you can then consider your options.


One option is to bury the animal on your property. This is a timely process and something you may not be interested in doing. If you do decide to bury the body, you will need to dig a hole at least two feet deep to keep any scavenging creatures from digging up the raccoon.


Burning of the carcass is another option for removal. If you have access to an incinerator, you can use it to dispose of the animal. Most people do not. You can create a bonfire and burn the body that way but it is not something that many people are comfortable with.

Wildlife Services

There are also wildlife service companies that offer dead animal removal. The company will come to your home, remove the creature from the attic and dispose of the body. This is best way to go about removing the creature from your home. You can leave the removal process to the experts and ensure that space is clear of the animal and the carcass is properly disposed of.

To access such services, simply contact wildlife service companies near you. Inquire as to what type of services they provide when it comes to dead animal removal. Schedule an appointment and have the animal removed from your property.

Because the animal was found in your attic, the wildlife service company should also be able to detect just how the creature was able to gain access to your home. The area will need to be addressed to ensure you do not have a raccoon or a problem with other creatures in the future. Grating can be used to close up any holes or entry points to your attic space to keep creatures out in the future.

To learn more about such service options, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control today. The company offers a wealth of services when it comes to animal removal, for those that are still alive and well and those that have passed on.


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