Importance of Getting Rid of Rodents

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“People around the world have always been repulsive with the idea of having a rodent infestation. That’s why, when Alberta was deemed rat-free in the 1950’s, residents couldn’t had been more thankful to the province’s efforts in implementing an aggressive rat control program.

A pair of rodents, if left unchecked, can reproduce at a young age of 4 months of year due to their fast metabolism. Having such infestation would not only terrorize residents, but also impose threats on properties being ravaged by these little vermin.

Getting rid of rodents should be a top priority for citizens experiencing infestation. Acquiring the services of companies like Skedaddle Wild Life is highly advised. Armed with the latest technologies and techniques in extermination, their process guarantee to rid your property of nasty critters while giving pointers on dealing with future infestations.”


Importance of Acquiring Services from Rodent Control Companies.

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“An owner of a French restaurant located in Edinburgh was fined last April 2013 after health inspectors found a decaying rat carcass in his kitchen near where food was being prepared. Rodents are known carriers of diseases like leptospirosis, lassa fever and HPS that have fatal consequences if left untreated.

Regardless of how Disney shows have portrayed rats in the kitchen, rodents impose a lot of danger especially when they reside near food supplies. A proof that they could cause wild scale fatalities is the Black Death, which occurred in the Middle Ages, where Europe lost a third of its population.

Homeowners and establishments alike should be proactive in acquiring the services of rodent control companies such as Skedaddle Wild Life. Armed with the latest technologies and techniques, they rid a customer’s property of infestation whilst giving tips on how to avoid recurrence.”

Why They Are Employing Humane Wildlife Control in Hamilton

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“More or less a year after a reported growth of bat population in the city of Hamilton, CBC News broadcast about a bat invasion. Christina Abbot, owner of the apartment, was faced with a dozen bats residing in her home from an originally one wildlife intruder.

It is a general knowledge that bats play an important role in the ecosystem. It is on their winged-arms to naturally control the population of insects. Although it is not natural for them to mix with humans and their habitat, they are probable to transmit diseases like rabies. Needless to say, it is important to report any bat sighting in your community.

It is okay to capture the bats yourself, if you know how to. To assure the species’ continuous existence though, companies specializing in wildlife control in Hamilton have been more specific to using humane processes in bat exclusion. One company I know, which implements such procedure, is Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control.”

Ethical Animal Control over Populated Areas such as in Mississauga

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“Based on a CBC news article, controversy is brewing in the Shuniah municipality in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario regarding animal control. While residents are in favor of humane animal control, the safety of the human population will always be more important.
Dr. Jack Remus believes that animal control services should contain wild species, like wolves and lynx, which pose a threat to the safety of pets and children. Meanwhile, Maria Harding, the president of the town council, believes that trapping these animals is not the answer to the problem. Pet owners should take responsibility by not letting their pets go alone.
In neighboring Mississauga, ethical animal control is also an important issue. While urban wildlife in Ontario doesn’t pose much of a threat as wolves or lynx, they can also be invasive and damaging on their own. Animal control professionals from companies such as Skedaddle Wildlife Control should be hired to deal with them immediately.”

A More Humane Approach to Control Waterfowl Population for Highly-Populated Areas

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“A group of students in the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom have recently experienced a real life “Angry Birds,” or in their case a furious Canada goose. From a report by Daily Mail, the goose nested in a nearby block of student flats and pounced on every passerby she considered a threat to her nestlings. While the incident might have happened in UK, it might as well have taken place in the animal’s native country of Canada.
Canada goose population have increased rapidly in the past few years, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. To contain the population, some people dip the eggs in kerosene to euthanize embryos. Animal control services such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control have taken more human approaches. For a more thorough and reliable job of containing waterfowl birds, such as Canadian goose, it’s better to hire professional animal control services. “

How Wildlife Control Experts Can Prevent The Spread Of Lyme Disease

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Heather King, a nature photographer in Ottawa was reported to have contracted Lyme disease from a black-legged tick during one of her nature hikes in 2009. The disease was diagnosed after a year because the symptoms did not manifest early. She said it’s like she was having a heart attack all the time.
The Public Health Agency of Canada said that ticks are commonly found in wooded areas and they are parasitizing the animals like deer, bears and even mice and squirrels. Ticks are known carrier of bacteria that can harm the human nervous and cardiovascular systems if not treated immediately.
Human can accidentally get this disease when infected animals encroach homes and commercial areas. Thus, the need of wildlife control expert is important in this case.
Wildlife control specialist, like Skedaddle Wildlife Control, can prevent people to get such disease by ensuring the affected host animals away from their home. This is important to prevent the spread of Lyme disease like in Ottawa a