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8 Ways to Remove Skunks Naturally

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skunk-removal-los-angelesSkunks are one of the most feared creatures not due to their meanness but their stink. Everyone knows that when you see a skunk, you run the opposite direction! Skunks will spray anyone who they feel is a threat and you could be left smelly for days. In the wild, this is easy. But when a skunk begins to invade your property, you can’t get away. You must make a stand. Skunk removal in Ottawa can be easy if you know what to do. Below are eight ways to remove skunks naturally, so the creature can continue to enjoy life and you avoid being stinky!

Grub Control

Skunks like to eat grubs so if this insect is commonly seen on your property, then skunks may come calling. Take time to treat your yard with a grub control product to cut down on the food source that may bring skunks to your home.

Install Fencing

Skunks will easily be deterred by fencing and will move on to other areas if they cannot access your vegetable gardens or landscaping. It is important to fence in any garden areas to avoid such creatures as skunks as well as other pest issues when it comes to eating your plantings. Be sure to place a portion of the fencing underground so that the skunk is not able to dig under the fence to access your garden areas.

Handle Garbage with Care

Skunks are like raccoons and will forage for food, especially when bags of garbage are left unsecure. Be sure that garbage bags are placed in secure cans and never put your garbage at the curb the night before pickup, wait until morning. When skunks can easily access your garbage, they will return time and time again to eat, which puts you and your pets at risk of being of being sprayed.

Clean up Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees on your property, be sure to rake up dropped fruit. Any fruit on the ground is like a calling card for skunks. The creature will come calling and enjoy the rotted fruit, possibly even taking up residency on your property under your porch or other areas.

Add Chili

Chili peppers a good deterrent for skunks and can be used to naturally send the creatures packing. Chili can be applied on surfaces or areas that you believe the skunks are using for a den space. This form of skunk removal in Ottawa is harmless and will help to keep skunks away. The trouble is is that it must constantly be reapplied and should not be used during the birthing season as it could cause mother skunks to abandon their babies.

Bright Lights

Lighting can also do the trick to get skunks to stay away. Add bright lights around your home that are motion activated to make your yard less attractive for skunks.

Sealing Off Hiding Places

Many times, skunks will move into areas that are hidden such as crawlspaces or underneath porches. Once you have noticed the skunk, watch its behaviour. When the skunk leaves the den, use grating or other material to shut off the entry point so the skunk will have to find a new home. Be mindful that there could be more than one skunk in the den site or a litter of babies. If in doubt, call a professional.

Catching Skunks Live

Catching a skunk can be tricky. Traps are created to catch the skunk but you want to avoid being sprayed in the process. It is best to work with professionals such as Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control to deal with skunks living around your home. The wildlife experts at Skedaddle can quickly remove skunk from your home and help you learn how to keep skunks from coming back.


Fast Facts About Skunks And How To Keep Them Away

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Skunks are a member of the weasel family. They are intelligent and may look to some as adorable creatures however, watch out for their bad habits and of course, their notorious spray.

Many times, skunk’s burrowing and feeding habits conflict with people. Skunks may burrow under buildings or porches by entering openings under the foundation. They destroy property by digging holes in golf courses, lawns and gardens in search of insect grubs.

Skunks are omnivorous too. Hence, they eat eggs and other leftover piece of meat from the garbage. They are also known to eat bees.

There are many evidences which shows that skunks have killed poultry or attacked pets in order to protect themselves. When a skunk feels disturbed or insecure it will then use its spray which is their most powerful weapon. This spray is a smelling blend of sulphurous oil and can damage building materials, furniture, clothing, and other property. If this spray comes in contact with human eyes then it can cause intense itching and partial or temporary blindness. Due to such irritating behaviour of skunks, it becomes very difficult for people to tolerate these smelly creatures.

Removing skunks from your home is a must. However, it requires expertise and other tools and techniques. There are several easy methods available and some of them are as follows:

  • Skunks detest lights and prefer to stay away from highly lit locations. Skunks prefer a dark location. Hence, adding lights in yards will help to resist skunks from choosing your backyard as a nesting ground.
  • Skunks like to burrow under decks, sheds, and foundation openings. They damage properties by nesting in these areas. It is recommended to seal these prime locations from skunks with effective products like solid steel sheeting and quarter inch screening.
  • Exclusion is the best way to keep your property skunk-free. If skunks have a place to live on your property then the odds of you or your pet having a run-in with them are greatly increased. Remove any and all skunks from under sheds, decks and porches and then block off their entry points to ensure the skunks must relocate to another area.
  • You  should try to reduce any attractants from your home. These may include pet food, garbage, water bowls, leftovers vegetables, fruits, etc. Place motion activated sprinklers close to locations where you suspect a skunk might want to shelter. Such products are cost effective and natural ways to keep these smelly animals away . There are many repellents available in the market which are made up of natural ingredients and are effective to repel skunks as soon as they smell or touch the product.
  • To avoid any future infestation by skunks, fence your gardens by using wires or net. While fencing, it should be kept in mind that fence should be one or two feet below ground level, so that skunks can not dig holes underneath. Also, it should stand four feet above ground level as skunks are not skilled climbers.

Sometimes it’s better to leave animal control to the professionals like Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. They have the tools and knowledge to humanely remove skunks from your property. They are the experts in wildlife infestations and they can guarantee full skunk removal as well as help prevent any problems in the future. You can check them out here.