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Why Squirrels Love Bird Feeders

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bird-feeder-battlesSquirrels are cute creatures that live in the wild, often seen in neighborhoods searching for food and living in big tall trees. Squirrels can be fun to watch but most home owners eventually find out that the creatures tend to be quite pesky. A squirrel infestation is not uncommon in homes and severe damage can be done by squirrels who take up residency in a home. Many home owners have found that the problem begins with a presence of food. Squirrels are often fond of bird food so if you have bird feeders in your yard, you may soon find that you are facing a squirrel problem!

Why Do Squirrels Love Bird Feeders?

You may be wondering why squirrels love bird feeders so much and how it can be such a problem. For starters, you will be losing the food you set out for the birds. Many home owners like to watch birds as they enjoy their food so your bird watching days will be over once the squirrels in your neighborhood find out about your feeder. The squirrels will do whatever it takes to be able to reach the food and devour it.

Bird food consists of items that squirrels enjoy and they scavenge for their food. So once they find a plentiful source, they take advantage. You may find that your bird feeder has led to a potential squirrel pest control problem after just one feeding!

What Can You Do?

For starters, you will probably have to remove your bird feeders, at least until the squirrel population dies down. You can purchase unique bird feeders or move your feeders to new places but the squirrels will find them still and take the food as they can. Squirrels can maneuver their bodies in weird ways which allows them to access feeders that are high up, with small openings or other configurations.

Once you have removed the bird feeders, you will need to remove all food sources from the area. Ensure the squirrel has to move on to be able to find food. If you are too late, you may find that the squirrels have nested in your home, taking up residency in your attic space. If this is so, you will need assistance in removing the creatures. Wildlife removal specialists can provide the service options you need for a home free of squirrels.

When wildlife experts arrive at your home, they will provide you with a full evaluation of the home. The area in which the squirrels are living as well as where they are coming in and out of will be examined. They will then humanely remove the squirrels and then repair or secure the entry point to stop them from coming back.

To schedule squirrel removal services or to find out more about a squirrel infestation, contact Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control. The wildlife experts within Skedaddle are trained and ready to assist you with squirrel problems as well as other creatures of the wild.